Our Mission

America is neither right nor left. Republican nor Democrat. Red nor blue.  The mainstream values and principles that will move us forward come from where they always have – the center.  The center is where we leave our political labels and baggage at the door, to find commonsense solutions to America’s great challenges.

Center Forward brings together members of Congress, not-for profits, academic experts, trade associations, corporations and unions to find common ground. Our mission:  to give centrist allies the information they need to craft common sense solutions, and provide those allies the support they need to turn those ideas into results.

In order to meet our challenges we need to put aside the partisan bickering that has gridlocked Washington and come together to find common sense solutions. Join us in a conversation that moves America forward, at Center Forward.

Featured Research:

New Battleground State Poll: Voters Support Medical Discovery As a Bipartisan Platform

Americans strongly favor action on public policies that support medical discovery into new treatments and cures.

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Tell Congress to come together to pass bipartisan solutions that fix our national debt

View our national TV ad and sign our petition to tell Congress to stop piling on all that debt and pass a budget that makes the tough choices.

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