Center Forward has its roots with the Blue Dog Democrats, which have always played a critical role in maintaining fiscal responsibility, supporting pro-growth business policies and leading meaningful reform.  After the extreme polarization in the 2010 elections the Blue Dog Research Forum was founded to give centrist Democrats and Republicans an opportunity to come together to tackle our country’s biggest problems.   Founded by former members and staff of moderate Members of Congress who experienced firsthand how the legislative process became marred by the excessive polarization existing in politics, the organization serves a venue in which good ideas may be elevated, studied, discussed and developed.

After our incredible success, we saw an opportunity to further expand our reach and create more of an impact on the political discussion.  In an effort to further include like-minded Republicans and Independents we renamed the organization Center Forward.  Center Forward exists to elevate and give voice to the center of the American electorate.  Through our year round programming, including hosting discussion dinners on the debt and deficit, corporate tax reform, and energy we invite various opinion leaders to discuss and share ideas Americans can rally around.  In an effort to educate key leaders on and off the Hill, Center Forward conducts independent research on the important issues of the day including opinion research on how to best present those ideas to the general public.


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New Battleground State Poll: Voters Support Medical Discovery As a Bipartisan Platform

Americans strongly favor action on public policies that support medical discovery into new treatments and cures.

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